Demon Slayer High School Spinoff | Junior High and High School!! Kimetsu Academy Story

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A different take on the Demon Slayer universe set in motion by the original author, it transplants the cast to modern times, living through normal daily situations instead of battles to the death, with that the whole cast is alive and well in this world, where the once demons are now just mere human weirdos if they were part of the really evil bunch, with some tragic demons being outright good humans in here. Demon Slayer Academy’s plot is usually given as extras at the end of every manga volume, but some special chapters were made specifically for other publications, like the series’ Light Novels.

Anime Info

Tittle : Junior High and High School!! Kimetsu Academy Story

Genre : Japanese,Based on Manga, school anime,shounen anime,Anime

Total Episode : 7

Language : Japanese

Subtitle : Eng

Encoded By :

Credit : @AnimeVerse23 [Telegram]


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Episode 01 – [GDrive]  [Mediafire]  [Mirror]  [Fembed]  [SendCm] [Doodstream]

[English Subtitles]

Episode 02 – [GDrive]  [Mediafire]  [Mirror]  [Fembed] [Doodstream]

[English Subtitles]

Episode 03 – [GDrive]  [Mediafire]  [Mirror]  [Fembed]  [SendCm] [Doodstream]

[English Subtitles]

Episode 04 – [GDrive]  [Mediafire]  [Mirror]  [Fembed] [Doodstream]

[English Subtitles]

Episode 05 – [GDrive]  [Mediafire]  [Mirror]  [Fembed] [Doodstream]

[English Subtitles]

Episode 06 – [GDrive]  [Mediafire]  [Mirror]  [Fembed] [Doodstream]

[English Subtitles]

Episode 07 – [GDrive]  [Mediafire]  [Mirror]  [Fembed] [Doodstream]

[English Subtitles]

Season 01 Completed

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