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Home » Dragon Ball Z Dead Zone 1989 480p 720p (Hindi Dubbed)
Anime Dual Audio- (Hin+Eng) Hindi Dub Hindi Dubbed Movie Our POST

Dragon Ball Z Dead Zone 1989 480p 720p (Hindi Dubbed)

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Name : Dragon Ball z Dead zone 

Release date: July 15, 1989 (Japan)

Director: Daisuke Nishio

Adapted from: Dragon Ball

Music by: Shunsuke Kikuchi

Box office: ¥2 billion (est.)

Quality : 480p

Genres: Animation, Short, Action

Size: BluRay 480p [130MB] | 720p [706MB]

Language : Hindi

Encoded By :

Synopsis : Piccolo is preparing at an infertile precipice when a small bunch of secretive adversaries assaults and losses him. These equivalent foes then, at that point, go to Mount Paozu to take Gohan Son’s “Mythical serpent Ball.” Upon appearance, in addition to the fact that they defeat Gokuu Son’s companion and father-in-law-Chi-Chi and Gyumao, individually however they likewise abduct Gohan all the while.
Feeling something isn’t right, Gokuu surges home, just to observe Chi-Chi lying on the ground as she clarifies the circumstance. He then, at that point, goes to Kame House and acquires the Dragon Radar to find the Dragon Balls and, with them, the adversaries and Gohan.

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